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Information Stormwatch- My beautiful Nymphush. I got her in the Give-A-Gift event <333 She was my first seed.

Nenaran- The first of the new Zoidin breed. I won him in the Sea Animal Trivia game. His name means 'Water King' in Elvish.

Oceanside- My first custom seed and mutated seed :D She's based on a painting I have.

If you're interested in using one of my seeds for breeding, please PM me on PI ^^


Through the veil of darkness a dim light could be seen. The light came from a greenhouse, where a pretty Nymphush sat over what appeared to be a rumpled pile of blankets.

"It's still not moving," groaned Stormwatch. She smoothed the blankets that cradled a tiny green seed. "Maybe it's hungry," she said hopefully, and placed a variety of leaves in a circle around the seed. Still nothing happened.

"You should go to bed, Stormwatch. Haven't you ever heard that saying, 'A watched pot never boils'?" a mechanical sounding voice yawned.

Stormwatch looked at the walkie-talkie in disbelief. "And leave my new friend?" she gasped. "No, I can't. It'll get lonely without me here."

"Well," the voice yawned again,"maybe you should try putting it in water. That's where it was found anyway..." The voice faded into silence as its owner fell asleep.


"Yay! It's growing again!" Stormwatch cheered excitedly and pranced happily around a human girl who was crouched next to a water-filled bucket. The girl was sketching the small sprout in her notebook.


"Is it going to open yet?" Stormwatch whined impatiently. "I've been alone in here for too long. I wish it would hurry up." She nudged the bucket softly with a hoof and watched the tiny stalks drift with the movement. Stormwatch smiled. It looked like her new friend was dancing. "Well, it's certainly something I've never seen before," said the human girl,"I'm anxious to know what exactly we have here. We'll have to watch it closely." The girl looked up from the bucket and surveyed the small greenhouse. "Guess we'll have to renovate to make room for a pool in here, won't we?"


Stormwatch lazily blinked her eyes open as she heard the lark's song outside. With a gasp, she jumped up, "Oh no! I fell asleep!" Stormwatch rushed over to the bucket and stopped. She blinked her eyes and looked down into the bucket again. The flower had opened! The Nymphush touched her nose to the water as she tried to get a better look at her little friend sleeping in the flower. It was so tiny though, it was hard to see what it looked like.


Stages *Currently searching for Stormwatch's stages*

Notes: 1 Tigris, 2 Capra, 2 Bovina

Last Breeding Info:
Nenaran - Jul. 9, 2010

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Camera and film (23 exposures left)
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