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Macaroni's Info:
She's the mother hen of my greenhouse, and my very first seed pony. She watches over the rest of my ponies. If you're wondering why she has such an odd name - blame my rumbling stomach at 4 AM and the realization that her hair reminds me of macaroni and cheese!

Ribbit's Info:
Ribbit is continuing his training, he seems to enjoy it a lot. Right now, his goal is to become an invisible monkey. He's a rambunctious fellow who enjoys showing off for the ladies. Breeding fee available upon request.

Coral's Info:
Coral is my custom seed pony, won in the custom auction! She is very special - she was born on my 19th birthday.
Bunny's Info:
Bunny is my first female Nymphush, and Ribbit is smitten! He keeps stealing glances at her out of the corner of his eye when she's not looking. I'm hoping to somehow come across a pollinator so these two can have a beautiful baby.

Please PM me on PI if you'd like to make a trade. I may not get to your PM quickly because my mod duties come before everything else, so please don't assume I'm ignoring you if your PM isn't read right away :)

Reserved Items:
Stick Insect

Last Breeding Info:
Ribbit - Feb. 21, 2007
Coral - Mar. 25, 2012

Items in Storage

Camera and film (48 exposures left)
Knife of Ah Cun CanPretty Plum
AntsBromeliadBromeliadCoffee BerriesLeaf BeetleBracket FungiBracket FungiCicadaCicadaCup FungusPeacock Plant LeavesGinger RootEnkleia SeedEnkleia SeedCentipedeCentipedeCentipedeCentipedeCentipedeCentipedeBambooBambooBlue UlyssesBlue UlyssesDamselflyJade CarvingJewel BeetleHeliconiaYellow FeatherPitcher PlantPetrified WoodPetrified WoodPetrified WoodBlue FeatherBlue FeatherBlue FeatherTamarindTamarind