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Full Version: Bird watching - what's the trick?
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Okay, so! I've been regularly "playing" seed ponies for at least 5 years. Yet every time I do a jungle tour (usually every 2 weeks give or take a few days), I have never seen a bird. Not one. And I assure you I click around a good bit! Sometimes the entire half hour allowed.

So when I see greenhouses stuffed to the gills with bird photos, I can't understand how y'all acquire so many. 5+ years on seed ponies and not one bird sighted? That's more than a bad streak of luck, in my humble opinion. I must be doing something wrong. Or perhaps there's a "trade secret" I'm not aware of. Tongue

Can anyone help a girl out here? What do you guys do (or not do) to find birds? I'm really at a loss. Sad
it all boils down to luck of the jungle. They aren't always there and sometimes there is a link within a link to find it
I -just- figured this out myself, Karakul which is why I only have three birds. You have to find the hidden links to find birds. Those are the links hidden in the items, and there isn't always a bird there.
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