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Full Version: Kyalenri- Discussions and Ideas v. 2
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[Image: map3%20copy.png]

Community members (Main RP Seed):
Tari Mithrandir (Santiel)
Terella (Starburst)
Sureq (Maidenhair)
CutieePiee (Kai)
Angelique (Stormwatch)

Community Outline:
Kyalenri is based in a medieval setting with no modern technologies to speak of. Some magic is accessible and used, though we do try not to utilize it often or in great excess.
At the moment, much of the valley is unexplored and landmarks unnamed.

  • Open RP style (as long as you clearly get your meaning across, anything goes)
  • What happens in Kyalenri, stays in Kyalenri. RP does not affect anything else and visa versa.
  • You may RP as many seeds as you are comfortable with.
  • Matters that are up for discussion will remain open to opinion for one week. If you do not post an opinion in that time, you forfeit it.
  • Members who are deemed to be not participating will be removed and their spots made available. See below for details.

Kyalenri Leadership:
This is a volunteer position that rotates monthly. If no one volunteers for the upcoming month, the position defaults to the current leader. You may not volunteer two months in a row.
Duties are as follows:
Keep the RP and Discussion threads moving!
At the beginning of the month, post the new month's thread and send out any warnings that needs to be sent.
Recruit new members, if and when they need recruiting.

2 days (48 hours) without posting when involved with others or 1 month when not involved.
Non-participants will receive a warning prior to removal and will be allowed 2 weeks to respond. Repeated offense may result in the community deciding to remove the offender.
Exception to this rule is if you notify the community of an extended absence in advance.
I want to say a huge huge thank you to Chem_Gal for helping me get the map back to a editable PSD file from the PNG!
*snuggles Chem*
Now it is possible for me to add and remove greenhouses, as well as add place names when we end up naming them ^_^!!
Ooh I really like my Greenhouse position, nicely nestled in there =)

I was bitten by a spider yesterday night, and it's bloated my arm up to double its normal size and I've been a bit preoccupied with it so haven't really made my post yet.

It's also a bit ironic in a way, knowing what I know about my greenhouse XD

I'll make my post in a little bit though, hopefully it's up to scratch^^

Edit: Ok posted! With the Earthquake, I only intended it to be experienced in my old desert home, so you guys who are active at the moment need not to have felt it so it isn't disruptive. Although I think my greenhouse is far enough away maybe you guys wouldn't feel it even if it was Kyalenri-side as well XD

So feel free to write it in if you wish, or not.

I hope my first post was okay, I think I'm really out of practice, I feel like I'm having trouble with tense (like present/past tense - I also cannot spell >_>)
That is a bit ironic now, isn't it? O_o
Hope the swelling goes down soon!
Based an a majority vote, Phantom Fyre is our newest member Smile
Hey, everyone, I am so so so sorry about this, you have no idea... I have to drop out of the community at this time, because my real life has completely gone haywire Sad I hope that one day I will be able to come back, but for now I think you should give my spot to somebody who can RP on a more frequent basis. I feel so bad about this. Sad
I'm sorry to hear that Sman Sad I hope things straighten out/calm down for you soon!
Yes, me too! Once I get things sorted and applications are being accepted for the community, I'll definitely apply again Smile
Sorry to see you go, sman. Sad But it was fun getting to know you and Bubbly Wine while it lasted. Hopefully we will see you again in the future! Smile
-wriggles excitedly-
Two days till the new thread! :3
Yes Big Grin Woot!
I'm willing to volunteer for March leader. Smile
Ooo, that gives us 2 volunteers :O
How shall we work that out? Vote, splitting duties, or what? *never thought of this happening at the time it was brought up*
Huh. :O Y'know, I didn't think it would come up either!
But... Well, I hate to say it, but my little brother's birthday party is tomorrow, and after that I'll be internet-less for two days. >.< Stupid grandparents and their fear of technology.
But yeah, that means I wont be here to start the thread off! So, if you want to split responsibilties, I'll be here to start a recruiting thread to replace a few members we've lost lately or anything else I can help with. But otherwise, I don't think I'll be able to do it myself. D:
Sorry guys!
Okay, so maybe this is a good thing then? XD
Smile I can start the monthly thread, and I'll gladly split duties, since I'm often on a lot for a week or so, and then not on much at all the week after.
That works Smile
If you can also send out any warnings that may be due Spiky? That way they get out at the beginning of the month ^_^ Not sure if any are... Cythera is immune as she did give us notice that she is in the fire zone and can't get online much. Anyone else who didn't post last month though would be due. Smile
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