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Quite alright, she was very silent about the whole thing after all.
Hey everyone!

I was gone for a week in Iowa but I am back for good
now! <3

I would love it if my Green House could be located somewhere
near the fields? Afterall Joe's rump patch has wheat on it, it's
surely where he feels at home. As for a color, if dark brown is not
taken that would be great!

Big Grin Again thanks for accepting me into your community!
Pleased to see you Rosemage, I will add you to the map now Big Grin I hope Taro enjoys having someone nearby with similar interests ^_^
I think he might, he usually has to drag his family to help him.
Welcome Rosemage & Joe! Big Grin
I put Joe and Rosemage about 2 hours north Terella Smile Should give Taro help if he or Joe need it and get along, but still plenty of field space if they want to do separate things ^_^
Is it me, or do the greenhouses seem to be kind of..paired up?

They are mostly, nice so everyone will have friends.
You are right, it does kind of seem that way XD
Hope you don't mind me asking here.

What Greenhouse is it that everyone is eating
pineapple at?
Sureq's Smile Way down at the bottom!
Sureq also known as the spider greenhouse. It seems each of us has started a nick name for our greenhouses.
Big Grin Thanks for the info! I'm trying to figure out
a way to jump into the RP <3
Anyone know what happened to Shadow_fox and Allihandra? O_o
haven't heard anything from them. It does feel a little quiet on the RP thread for some reason. For a while, we were really going at it, couldn't catch my breath.
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