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That sounds excellent. :3 Thanks for letting me help out Spiky!

Aaand... Now I'm off! Wish me luck ZORBing guys.
Good luck? XD
Hi guys, just wanted to let you know I am going to have to leave this community.

I have traded or given away my seedies as I just won't be around or have time for online distractions.

I won't be on PI much for a while, its hard to justify playing around online when there is such devastation right through our area.

I hope Kyalenri thrives and your rp keeps going along wonderfully, it was really fun to be part of this for a while Smile
Sorry to hear that Cy Sad
Wow, people are changing left and right around here. And Tari your herd is growing. Pretty soon you will have to make a second level.
Yes, Kyalenri seems to have a bit of a revolving door at the moment O_o
And my herd is.. growing-ish Tongue A few of my seeds have recently up and left due to the lack of attention, so the newcomers are just filling the open spots XD
Soon as my trades finalize, Artemis will have a different housemate... Karasu's Salamandarstron is coming to live with us, and Pizza Butt is moving out to Silverfoxkit's greenhouse. It will be nice not to have the constant bickering!

ETA: Amazingly, no warnings for February... everyone's been in and out at least once!
cool, nice not having any warnings although people did leave. edh.

I have had the same five seeds for a while now. No revolving door at my place.
Stability is a good thing sometimes Terella Wink
Hi sorry I haven't posted, A bit of a crisis here at home at the moment.

I'll be back posting soon, hopefully everything dies down over the weekend.

Just a heads up.
*snugs* We'll be here when things get less crazy Smile
ACK. o.o Sorry guys, things decided to become seriously complicated when I got home, as my moms decided to move us again, and I just started a new Art course, and my little sister (who moved out of home when she was 13) has just decided to come back home. So basically, the whole house is imploding. DX But hopefully I should be able to be on more and more as things settle down. Sorry for my absence!!
Forgive me!

Kidding of course Wink Hope things settle down!
Sorry I've been absent for so long, it wasn't intended to be by any stretch.

It's still pretty crazy here but I'm not letting it stop me from having too much fun anymore and I'll jump in on next months thread, I'm off to catch up on this Month properly.

Hope you'll all accept me back =D
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