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Sorry to hear about your month Angelique Sad

I myself have no excuse >_> I just have felt really unmotivated and unattached for some reason. I keep coming to make a post and then wandering off :\
*ties you to the spot*

Muahaha! Now you must post >_>
So, another month has started Smile

Any takers for leader?
Sorry, haven't been on in the last week, my computer decided to die, got it fixed, and now it is really slow.

Since we didn't make much process this last month. Maybe we should continue the August thread for another month?
I'll send around a mailer. Then I'm going to bed, then in the morning, I'm making a post.
I agree we need to continue (and wrap up XD) the August thread for now Smile I'd like to see us start a new thread in October though *lol*
Uh... I'll volunteer for October leader, but I don't feel prepared for Septemver (I've just been to blah lately!)
I'm sorry for the lack in posting this month. Both jobs have become busier, and now school has started for me. And inspiration to post for my poor seedies has also been lacking. Blah is quite the word to describe it. I promise I'll find more time around RL and try harder this month!
Wow, we all totally fail this month :\ Kind of sad.
I'll definitely be here for the October thread. Just a few more days till this month is over.
Yes indeed Smile I'm still up for leading in October as well... So count on me to try to revitalize Wink
I fail for September.
Had major computer issues this last month. Hopefully they are over and we can get a fresh start in October. : )
Glad I'm not the only one who was totally FAIL in September :/ i was sure I'd been left in the dust by all the activity. I'll do my best to jump back in for October! ^_^
Been busy and caught up myself last month. Good to be back though! ^^
For those of you just joining us, or haven't done already, here is the link to our description thread. Feel free to post your RP'ing seed ponies and their personalities, as well as your own description if you wish. It might be helpful and handy when we need ideas of how the characters may interact. Big Grin

Click here --> Description Thread
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