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*waits to edit map XD*
Sorry for my lack of posting guys, things here are a bit busy and I am having trouble finding my RP flow :\ I am going to try to catch up and post later today.
Could Rexxi and I be pink please? 83

And could we have our greenhouse close to the Northern Woods, to the left of the bigger lake/body of water (Diagonal to Rose Mage, but across the larger body of water close to the woods? Lol....I think I put that right. 83

*Snoogs and bounces* This is so exciting. Big Grin
I am a bit confused... Left or across? Can you put a spot on the map and upload it so I can get a better idea? I think I know where you mean, but I want to be sure o_o (I assume you are talking about the pond thingy north east of my purple blob, but not sure if you mean my side of the pond, or the far side)
Welcome, Art Foxx! Welcome, Angelique! I'm excited to incorporate your seedies' personalities into our RP. Big Grin
Sorry bout that Tari...I realized after I posted how confusing that sounded. XD

Here's the map marked where I was talking about...secuse the crappy color...I couldn't get my paint to work with the pink. XD

[Image: map02.gif]

*Snugs Cutie* Thank you for the warm welcome. Big Grin

Rexxi and I are super excited to RP with you guys...I can't wait to play him. 83
Okay, that is right where I was thinking, but wanted to be sure Smile
I put two different greenhouse location choices, because I thought the first one might be too close to CutieePie's

[Image: 227700.gif]
If you want it on the beach and close to us, I don't mind. If that's your first choice, go for it. Smile
yep, we don't seem to have any rules on where greenhouses are located or how close.
Woot, I will get those on the map then
Alright, should be updated ^_^
*pokes people*

did I kill the RP? *teary eyes*
I've been stuck in bed all day, not feeling very well. If I'm feeling better tomorrow I'll try and make a post.
So, so, so sorry for not being around this month. I had a recent family death, had to deal with somebody stealing my two pet pigs from the school I keep them at(got them back, thankfully), and one of my pet Turkeys died today.
Sounds like you are having a terrible month Sad
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