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Sorry I haven't been able to post anything for a day or two. I might be out all day tomorrow too, so will post Tuesday sometime for sure. What a busy Independence Day weekend.

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend! Smile
I did! Was my 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend. XD

Amongst other things we went to the museum, I could live there.
congrats on 4 years sureq. I was pretty free this weekend, was able to finally relax.
Congrats Sureq!
It was our 3rd anniversary here ^_^ It's hard to believe it's been so long, and yet so short a time...
Very busy weekend indeed!
Congrats on the anniversaries! <3
(I celebrated my 4th anniversary with my boyfriend last April. How time flies!)
I think shadow_fox sold her one and only seed pony, Marina. Not sure what that would mean in terms of RP'ing...
She has, and it means she is auto-out according to the Community Project rules Mana posted...
Hi guys! I'm terribly sorry for my absence and my lack of informing you why I did so. My internet conection was down for almost a month and cybers are pretty expensive here (not to mention rare).
I really don't know where I stand in the community, meaning if I automatically am out, or if a HUGE apology will let me continue. I hope I haven't messed up this opportunity. I'd appreciate it if someone would let me know: am I in or out?
Whatever the outcome is, Thank you for letting me in on the first place.
Yes Shadow is out because of no seed pony, but we still have enough people, so it works.

Acuariana feel free to post, no warnings were given out yet, so you still have time. Welcome back.
Just sent out a reminder to those who have not posted. Hopefully we can get some more participation. : )
Here's hoping!
Well, it is coming to the end of the month again. We are looking for a volunteer for next month. Anyone interested?

Also this month it looks like we have lost two members both Shadow_Fox, as she no longer as a seed, and Cosmicdragon, as there has not been a response to any PMs or postings this month. But that still leaves us at eight, so we are good to go.

Terella- Cosmic notified us in this thread that she was not going to be around for a bit, back in June :\
oh, whoops totally missed that. Then hopefully she will be able to start participating again.

Thanks for the reminder. : )
No problem, it was a few pages back Smile
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